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The power of will and thought facts of psihotherapy


The old Indian and Chinese medicine say that a really important reason is the thought roll in authority in awful disease etc.

People are taken by their own thoughts. And the release gives to the man divine power so that’s why a big accent is on controlling bad thoughts.
The fear thought has the most terrible on humans. And other thoughts make fear, un-safety of the next day, affect the organism but they don’t destroy it as the fear thought does.
The bad thought or fear are from individual causes or general causes. On the individual causes I won’t stop cause there are also for the bad education of the thought
The general cause is the stress, more in urban areas, stress caused by noise, infected air and intoxicated atmosphere. Different threatening, terror movies, a polluted culture, contaminated water and consuming synthetic foods and drinks.
Even if the stressing elements can be changed by changing the medium, the bad thought can be eliminated only by reeducating.
The general method of eliminating bad thoughts and especially fear is optimism, laughing, and happiness.
By reading this rows, I’m sure that you will ask how can a man who suffers of Psoriasis can be happy and smiling.
Of course I didn’t do this from the first but with the time I realized that the treatment is good, I became optimistic, and I said to my self that there’s just a matter of time.
A physic disease will attack the mind and a mental disease will attack the good functioning of the body. There can be depressions of some nerval centers and the blood can get poisoned with all the chime esentions released in the time of the negative shock or the bad thought.
I will end this chapter with a last example about autosuggestion. Lots of people by the passing of time they start saying, “ I’m getting older and sicker “. These thoughts create big halls. The sicking of the vases and the hair’s falling etc.
By keeping a good disposition and the young thoughts which help the body every moment and younging it. By thinking we have 18 years our cells will remake the nucleus and we will have again the tonusul of a teenager.
Being sick of Psoriasis, the thought that the treatment will give us amelioration, the healing won’t be late in appearing.
These observations are from my own experience and from the discussion with other patient that used Deniplant. I got to the conclusion that this acts on intern which make this disease appear and from this reason it isn’t necessary to treat the exterior cause there is a really thick relation between the intern organs and skin.

In this way I can remember:
-Tiroide influents in a big measure the physic aspect of the sickness ;
-The hipofunction of the Suprarenal gets to pigmenting skin (the Addison disease);
-The secretion of the Gonadols regulates the aspect in function of sex and the evolution of some diseases like Acne;
-The affections of liver influence the color of the skin.;
Everybody knows that a substance put on the skin, in 24 it goes with our blood in the whole body. That is why is very important to take care of what ointments or solutions for extern use, you take. Of course I’ve met grave cases in which interrupting from the first moment. They used cream, simple alternating with ointment, then only the cream and In the end they didn’t have to use the cream. That’s how they realized that their organism responded to this treatment and the skin is healed.